Gestión de Usuarios y Permisos




ERITRIUM is a multiuser application. Each user must own its personal user account to log into the system.


Thanks to this, you can restrict the information that every user can access or modify, and you can organize them by departments to control the business processes.


So before creating your users, you must first manage the following:


Work Groups



Only administration users can manage user accounts. In the main window, navigate to "Administration -> Users, the system will display the users list.





Doing double click on any of them opens the users configuration window:





Only administration users can create new users. In the main window navigate to "File -> New -> New User" to create new users.


You can delete existing users by using the option "File -> Delete" in the user window. But we recommend not to delete users that have been using the system in orther to keep their activity logs. Instead set the active check to unchecked, and the user will not be able to log into the system any more but all the logs will be kept.



Zen Project International

ERITRIUM es un producto propiedad del Grupo Zen Project.


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