CRM, ERP & SCM, All In One Platform

Looking for an integrated CRM, ERP & SCM solution?

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to acquire CRM, ERP and SCM all integrated in a single platform. It includes CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and SCM (Supply Chain Management) as All in One Solution fully integrated.

It is provided as a cloud service, so it can be accessed from anywhere using any device, just a web browser and a basic internet connection is needed.

It can be also downloaded and installed at customers premises if it is needed.

ERITRIUM - CRM, ERP & SCM Software, All In One Solution
ERITRIUM - CRM Software integrated with ERP & SCM modules

CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management - CRM

Using the CRM module to convert opportunities to satisfied customers with fewer steps and increase control of your sales pipeline.

Customers are key to any organization so at the heart of Eritrium are your customers.

Through Eritrium explorer, the customer will enjoy more timely and better informed response, and not just from their usual account managers but from all of its points of interaction with your organization.

Customers will experience a level of service of equally high standard whether he chooses to communicate with you in person, by phone or via internet.

ERP Software

Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP

Use the REP module to optimize the inventory to reduce costs and be more efficient delivering goods to customers. Purchase materials when they are really needed and purchase to the right supplier.

Manage supplier delivery conditions, prices, delivery times and special conditions. Coordinate your sales with the warehouse to serve the orders in time and reduce costs optimizing logistics.

Generate invoices for your customers and get full control of the payments and the financial state of each of them.

ERITRIUM - ERP Software integrated with CRM & SCM modules
ERITRIUM - SCM Software integrated with CRM & ERP modules

SCM Software

Supply Chain Management - SCM

As money, materials, and information are passed between customers and suppliers, Eritrium SCM keeps them flowing up and down as a supply chain.

Eritrium connects the activities of logistics, purchasing, and operations to ensure that they focus on goals that benefit overall performance.

Using Inventory Management with the barcode reader app improves tracking and managing the availability of raw materials, the quantity of stocked goods or spare parts.

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