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Increases profitability by aligning the processes used to plan, source, make and deliver products and services

As money, materials, and information are passed between customers and suppliers, Eritrium keeps them flowing up and down a supply chain.

Eritrium connects the activities of logistics, purchasing, and operations to ensure that they focus on goals that benefit overall performance.

Using Inventory Management with the barcode reader app will improve tracking and managing the availability of raw materials, the quantity of stocked goods or spare parts.


  • Create bills of materials, assign production routes, configure work centers and assign them costs per cycles, times before, during and after the work to do, define percentages for scrap…
  • Create production orders and schedule them depending on the work load of the production team.
  • Optimize production work flows using the manufacturing app mobile module for android devices.
  • Make sure that all the raw materials for the manufacturing will be ready in time.
  • Real time materials availability.
  • Full integration with purchase orders mudule.
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Warehouse Management

  • Inventory and stock management, real time stock actualization. No shyncronization procedures, data changes are stored centralized in real time to provide an exact view of the availability of materials.
  • Multi warehouse management supported.
  • Bin locations, receptions area, storage areas, picking and packing areas, waste and quality areas and much more.
  • Reception orders and put away orders with inbound delivery note automatic generation.
  • Scheduled and not scheduled stock move orders. Picking and packing orders for serving sales orders to customers.
  • Supports barcodes.
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Barcode Reader (android)

  • Application for android devices for supporting all the warehouse processes.
  • Reception orders, put away orders, stock move orders, picking and packing orders. Any change in the stock will be accessible from any employee from any place in real time.
  • Scan any barcode from products or from the bin banners using any kind of android smartphone or tablet.
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Returned Materials

  • Manage the returned materials from your customers on an efficient way, scheduling the reception in the warehouse and performing any quality checks.
  • Make sure you have full control of the refunds to the customers depending on your business processes.
  • If the materials can be stored in the warehouse for later use, generates the proper put away orders.
  • Manages the return to the supplier for those cases where it is needed.
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