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Eritrium integrates ERP, CRM and SCM software to streamline business processes and boost productivity.

What is Eritrium?

It is a CRM, ERP and SCM Software Solution. All in one.

Eritrium is a software product 100% web that supports most of the business processes of modern companies.

It is provided as a cloud service, so it can be accessed from anywhere using any device, just a web browser and a basic internet connection is needed.

It can be also downloaded and installed at customers premises if it is needed.


Customer Relationship Management

Convert opportunities to satisfied customers with fewer steps and increase control of your sales pipeline.

Customers are key to any organization so at the heart of Eritrium are your customers.

Through Eritrium explorer, the customer will enjoy more timely and better informed response, and not just from their usual account managers but from all of its points of interaction with your organization.

Customers will experience a level of service of equally high standard whether he chooses to communicate with you in person, by phone or via internet.


Enterprise Resource Planning

Optimize the inventory to reduce costs and be more efficient delivering goods to customers. Purchase materials when they are really needed and purchase to the right supplier.

Manage supplier delivery conditions, prices, delivery times and special conditions. Coordinate your sales with the warehouse to serve the orders in time and reduce costs optimizing logistics.

Generate invoices for your customers and get full control of the payments and the financial state of each of them.


Supply Chain Management

As money, materials, and information are passed between customers and suppliers, Eritrium keeps them flowing up and down a supply chain.

Eritrium connects the activities of logistics, purchasing, and operations to ensure that they focus on goals that benefit overall performance.

Using Inventory Management with the barcode reader app improves tracking and managing the availability of raw materials, the quantity of stocked goods or spare parts.

Customer Relationship Management

Lead Management

Capturing, nurturing and tracking sales leads is essential to convert them into revenue generating opportunities...


Sales Opportunities

Management of each sales opportunity from introduction to closure. Keep track of sales actions, generate quotations and gain an detailed view of the sales pipeline.



Create proposals and quotations easily, attach any important documentation, follow them, analyze customer responses and record results for later investigations.


Customer Support & Services

Record every interaction with your customers creating interaction records. Don't live unattended any call, query or complaint


Problem Management

Record every problem reported generating trouble tickets and keep track of their evolution. Don't leave any problem unattended.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Purchase Management

Control the purchase orders life cycle, suppliers, supplied products, delivery conditions, measuring units and conversions, schedule receptions at warehouses, supplier invoices and payments…


Sales Orders

Record what you sold to your customers, details, prices, taxes, conditions, internal actions needed to deliver the order, warehouse coordination…



Generate invoices for your customers, record payment types and terms, schedule payments, calculate the balance per each customer…


Project Management

Manage projects, assign resources, configure milestones, parametrize working calendars, gantt views, scheduled vs real progress, report expenses, time report...


Budget Management

Assign budgets to departments, projects, companies, and others. Keep track of its progress, control purchases, additional expenses and get a clear view of its financial situation.

Supply Chain Management


Manage bills of materials, production routes, work centers, production cycles, costs, schedule production flows. Coordinate all these tasks with warehouses and guarantee raw materials availability…


Warehouse Management

Multi warehouses management, bin locations, reception orders, put away orders, picking, packing, inventory, stock control, lot numbers, product trazability...


Barcode reader (android)

Use smartphones or simple tablets android or IOS to handle all the warehouse operations, reducing paper, errors and bottle necks. Avoid buying expensive barcode readers.


Returned Materials

Manage the returns from your customers scheduling receptions in the warehouses, quality control and refunds. Also manages returns to suppliers.

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