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Manage your enterprise resources in an efficient way to save costs and increase revenue.

Optimize the inventory to reduce costs and be more efficient delivering goods to customers. Purchase materials when they are really needed and purchase to the right supplier.

Manage supplier delivery conditions, prices, delivery times and special conditions. Coordinate your sales with the warehouse to serve the orders in time and reduce costs optimizing logistics.

Generate invoices for your customers and get full control of the payments and the financial state of each of them.

Purchase Management

  • Automating your purchasing process helps your team focus on what really matters.
  • Pick your desired item from preferred vendors in a customized online catalogue and automatically send your purchase requisitions for approval based on established workflows.
  • Supports Crossdocking and replenisment orders
  • Fully integrated with wharehouses, generate automatically reception orders for the people of the warehouse
  • Direct access to supplier delivery notes after the materials are received in the warehouse
  • Link to suppliers invoices.
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Sales Orders

  • Coordinates actions with suppliers to provide the materials requested by customers just in time.
  • Supports crossdocking: Coordinates the generation of purchase orders to suppliers to serve the materials that customers requests.
  • Provides your team with the information they need to answer customers questions fast.
  • Makes sales processing simple by handling all orders from a centralised, user-friendly system.
  • Up to the minute details - customer and product information are updated in real time. Check availability of products in real time.
  • Extensive configuration features enable you to optimise the sale order process to suit your business.
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  • Record supplier invoices and generate invoices for your customers.
  • Apply what it is in the contract, conditions, payment types, payment terms, taxes, discounts and any special condition previously negotiated.
  • Supports multi-currency.
  • Generates per each invoice the payments calendar, so you can have a clear view of when you must request a payment to your customer, or when you must pay a supplier invoice.
  • Link them to delivery notes, sales orders, purchase orders or any kind of business object in the system
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Project Management

  • Planning and scheduling tasks adding additional information, start and due dates, tasks predecessors, critical path, milestones, scheduled duration versus real duration, etc..
  • Improve team collaboration sharing all the information, uploading and managing the project documentation in multiple formats, sharing team calendars…
  • Time tracking per task and per team member, time report tool for reporting hours spent in each task, also using a mobile access.
  • Manage the project budget, assign the maximum budget, add purchase orders, additional expenses and also the cost of the time spent by the team members to obtain a clear view of the real financial state of the project
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Budget Management

  • Organize the budgets of your company in a much professional way, divide them in concrete budgets and assign them to departments, projects, customers, internal projects people or any business object on the system.
  • Report any related expense and link it to the budget, like purchase orders, express purchases, or additional employee expenses to keep control of the real financial state of the budget.
  • Make every person report expenses and process them by a standard business workflow of authorization. Attach any document like tickets, point of sales tickets, scanned invoices…
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