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Manage your Sales and Support Teams in an efficient way to improve service quality and increase business.

Convert opportunities to satisfied customers with fewer steps and increase control of your sales pipeline.

Customers are key to any organization so at the heart of Eritrium are your customers.

Through Eritrium explorer, the customer will enjoy more timely and better informed response, and not just from their usual account managers but from all of its points of interaction with your organization.

Customers will experience a level of service of equally high standard whether he chooses to communicate with you in person, by phone or via internet.

Lead Management

  • Simple Lead Acquisition Features: Tools and interfaces for importing leads quick adn easily.
  • Web Leads Acquisition Features: Plugin for inserting aquisition forms in the web with real time interface integration.
  • Lead Scoring & Real Time Lead Priorization: Lead scoring can help your sales team identify their top prospects, allowing them to focus their efforts on the customers that matter most.
  • Call Scoring:Call scoring provides internal metrics that evaluates customers performance and effectiveness based on the quality of agents' calls with prospective customers.
  • Remarketing:Keep al your leads for future remarketing options.
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Sales Opportunities

  • Sales Process Definition: Define step by step the stages of the sales process. Define milestones and success percentages for forecasting.
  • Management of the players relevant for the opportunity at the customer side. Contact information, roles, interests, decision making, etc…
  • Configuration of the sales team, Contact information, role, responabilities.
  • Management of the competitors, relevant information about the companies, products offered, pricing strategy, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Won / Lost analysis.
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Sales Forecast
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Sales Actions

  • Sales Activities scheduler by sales person. Tasks can be created by the sales manager and assigned to sales persons.
  • Collaborative calendar.
  • Activity Tracking & Reporting.
  • Trip and expenses reporting.
  • Sales action conclusions and scoring.
  • Mobile app.
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  • Quote generation and assembly, including discounting, taxes management, & freight costs. It also supports multi-currency
  • Pricing configuration based on cost plus profit percentages or catalog prices.
  • Real time check of inventory/product availability
  • Customizable document templates.
  • Authorization workflow.
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Customer Support

  • Record every interaction with customers creating interaction records trough different channels, phone, email, fax, web…
  • Definition of support workflows based in severity, priority, type of customer, pre diagnosis…
  • Time Tracking, users involved on attending the interaction records, departments,…
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA).
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Trouble Ticketing

  • Record every problem reported by customers creating trouble tickets, assign severity and priorities track times.
  • Self Service: Customers can open trouble tickets through your web page 24/7.
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA): Control response times, perform escalations depending on severities, products, or customer types.
  • Definition of support workflows based in severity, priority, type of customer, pre diagnosis.
  • Time Tracking, users involved on attending the trouble tickets, departments, queues…
  • Detailed diagnostics database, search for similar problems, by product, by customer…
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