What is Eritrium?

It is a CRM, ERP and SCM Software Solution. All in one.

Eritrium is a software product 100% web that supports most of the business processes of modern companies.

It is provided as a cloud service, so it can be accessed from anywhere using any device, just a web browser and a basic internet connection is needed.

It can be also downloaded and installed at customers premises if it is needed.

Why Cloud Services?

Recude costs, increase productivity.

Eritrium is provided as a cloud service. It means you don't have to spend money in hardware, software, specialized personnel like computer engineers, database managers and so on. Just create new user accounts and start managing your business.

Our cloud also cares of software upgrades, and operation 24/7 so you don't have to be worried about system availability.

Being in the cloud allows users to access to the platform from any place using any kind of device, laptops and mobile devices.

Installation at Customers Premises

for those customers who prefer to install eritrium in their premises, there are self-installing packages for windows servers, as easy as download and install. It is also possible to install Eritrium on linux and unix servers and under databases, such as Oracle, SQLServer, etc ...

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