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Warehouses is where an organization can store inventory.


In order to use this feature, you mas activate it first. Only administrators can do this. Go to the option "Administration->Configuration->Basic Configuration->Module Activation. The system will open the following window:




Make sure that Warehouse Management button is checked.


If you are going to use mobile devices for managing the daily operations of your warehouses you must also check the option "WMA"



A warehouse is where an organization can store inventory and a bin locator is where that inventory is stored in that warehouse. To edit your warehouses, select the option "Warehouses." It can be found in options tree  at Stock Management-> Warehouses.







After bringing it up, you can add different warehouses to your various organizations. Each warehouse must have at least one bin locator. After that is configured, you can start to place inventory into them. Doing click with the mouse will open the Warehouse window:




To create a new warehouse, use the top menu option File->New->Warehouse:




To create a new warehouse you must provide a valid name and a valid territory. Territories must be defined previously using the option Administration->Configuration->Basic Configuration->Territories


Do delete a warehouse, first open the window of the warehouse you want to delete and use the top menu option File->Save. If the warehouse has active relationships of any kind with other system objects (e.g.: warehouse has active Assets, stock, etc…) the system  will not let the user to remove it.