Team Members

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Team Members



Sales Opportunity Team Members are the persons from our organizations (often sales people) that are working to win the sales opportunity. The next figure shows an example of sales opportunity team members:





Clicking on any of them the responsible form is displayed.The next figure shows an example of sales opportunity team member:




The information managed by the sales team form is:


Type of contact: It can be one of the following:

Internal: If the contact an employee of our company

External: If the contact is not an employee of tour company

Primary: If we select this option, then the employee will become the primary point of contact for the opportunity.

Contact: The person selected. It must be a valid user or if it is an external person it must exist in the data base and must be already associated to the organization.

Department: The department of the employee if he is an internal contact

Organization: Only if it is an external person.

Mail: The email of the person.

Address the address of the person



Postal code.







Role: This field represents the role of of the person from the opportunity point of view. See Lookup tables to find more information.




You can add or remove contacts using the following buttons located in the tab "Sales Team" at the sales opportunity form: