Work Groups

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Work Groups


Work groups are used to group users together and grant permission to these groups to access Eritrium features. Work groups are associated with features access rights. Users can be assigned to one or more work groups, but they must belong to at least one to have access features. (Administrator and Designer users do not have to belong to a work group.)


If a user belongs to more than one work group with different access rights for the same feature, he will be granted the "most liberal" access rights of the groups. Companies tend to set up work groups to represent distinct units in their organization, e.g., Marketing, Sales, Support, etc…


Navigate to Administration>Work Groups.


The system will display no work groups at this moment.


Click button "NEW WORKGROUP". The system will open a window for the new work group asking for a name. Enter a name for the group (ie:Managers...) and click "NEXT"


The system will open the window for setting up the profile of the work group:




Now just set or unset the right for each business object and click "File>Save" to store the changes.


You will find more detailed information about work groups here.