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A User Account must be created for each user that will log into the system. If this is the first time someone access into the system, there is only one user account created and it is for administration proposes. You should now create user accounts making sure you uncheck the "ADMINISTRATION" grant checkbox.


To create user accounts navigate to File>New>User. The system will prompt requesting some general information, and then click "NEXT". The new user account it is now created and you must fill the rest of the information:




The important information to enter is:


User Id: It is the code that the user will enter for login as user name.

Password: It is the password for login into the system.

Rights: Make sure that the user is included in at least one group.



Navigate to de tab "Configuration" of the user account window:




Make sure that the checkbox of the figure are unchecked unless you know exactly the meaning of them. You will be able to come back to this screen later on when you will understand better Eritrium.


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