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When you select Administration>Configuration the system opens the configuration tab which contains a lot of features. Follow the next check list to pre configure your system and leave the rest of the options for future and more detailed configuration:


1. Module Activation/Deactivation


Navigate to Administration>Configuration>Basic Configuration>Module Activation:





This module activates or deactivates Eritrium features. The next picture display all the available modules in the system:





Select or unselect features and click "NEXT". You will always be able to change this option so we recommend you to activate in the beginning only the features that you really need in order to make the set up process easier.


Once you finish, changes will note take effect until you log out and you log in again.




2. Parameters


Navigate to Administration>Configuration>Basic Configuration>Parameters:






This module defines some critical parameters for the system:




At this point you should only change the following parameters and hit "SAVE" to continue:


Logo: Upload a logo file (jpg,gif or png) for displaying when printing documents like invoices, contracts, etc... should not be bigger than 512px wide.

Currency: Choose between Euro or US Dollar. If your currency is other, live it for later on. When finishing this set up process, you will have to add your currency to the system (Administration>Parameters>Basic Configuration>Currency) and come back to this option and change it.

Decimal Digits: This is the number of decimal places you want to use in all your documents. By default is 2.


We recommend you not to change the rest of the parameters until you have a better understanding of who Eritrium works.