Service Contracts

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Service Contracts

Service Contracts

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A supplier or manufacturer service contract defines the services that a specific supplier or manufacturer will provide. You can select a service contract to cover the asset, or edit or delete an asset's service contracts using the Asset window.


Each service contract can cover any number of customer inventory items (or alternatively may be a blanket support contract for the customer site).


When you are logging a new service request for a customer you can quickly see what service contracts they have in place (and identify the contract applicable for the current request). Eritrium also includes a contract renewals report to allow you to quickly identify which service contracts are due for renewal.


There are two ways that an Administrator can add Service Contracts from the main menu:

From the main menu: File>New>Service Contract

From the min menu: File>Open>Service Contracts. Eritrium will open the Service Contracts list window. Then use the push button {New}


The Service Contracts "Code" is the only required field.


There are two ways to View and Edit existing Service Contracts:


From the main menu: File>Open>Service Contracts Eritrium will open the Service Contracts list so the user can filter records using the standard procedures or edit any record doing double click on it

From the left tree view option panel: Doing double click on any of the following icons: Service Contracts(

_img8 ).


To Delete existing Service Contracts, edit the one you want to remove and use top menu option: File>Delete. If the Service Contracts has active relationships of any kind with other system objects (e.g.:

Service Contracts has active products, etc…) Eritrium will not let the user to remove it.


The following figure shows and example of Service Contract details form:





The information managed by the Service Contract details form is as follows:

Service Contract:


Code: The identification code for the service contract generated by Eritrium.


Summary: A short description explaining what is covered by the contract.


Supplier: The supplier that signs the service contract.


Price: The price to pay to the supplier for what is included in the service contract.


Start: The initial date for the service contract coverage.


End: The end date for the contract.


Response time: The response time that the supplier offers


Phone Call: Maximun time to fix the problem if it is via phone call


Tech on site: Maximun time since the problem is reported the supplier and they send a tech.

Description: Long description of the contract.

Assets Included: The list of assets included in the service contract. Doing double click on any of them will open the Assets detail form.

Documents: Documents associated to the service contract. Doing double click on any of them will open the related document details form.


The actions that can be performed from the service contract details form are:



Supplier: This option will open the associated supplier details form.



Include Asset: This option allows users to include existing assets to the service contract.


Add Document: This option adds a document to the service contract