Sales Opportunity Contacts

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Sales Opportunity Contacts



Sales opportunity contacts are all the persons from the customer side that are involved in the opportunity. All of them are important because in some way they will influence in the final decision made by the customer. Only one of them can be set up as the primary contact.


Contacts are managed in the sales opportunity form tab "Contacts". The following figure shows a sales opportunity contact details form:








Clicking on any contact the sales opportunity contact form is displayed as follows:





The data managed by the sales opportunity contact details form manages the following data:


Type of contact: It can be one of the following:

Internal: If the contact belongs to the customer.

External: If the contact is not an employee of the customer

Primary: If we select this option, then the customer will become the primary point of contact for the opportunity.

Contact: The person selected. It must exist in the data base and must be already associated to the organization.

Mail: The email of the contact.

Address the address of the contact



Postal code.








Response Rating: These values represent the level of interest shown by the person. See Lookup tables to find more information.

Role: This field represents the role of of the person from the opportunity point of view. See Lookup tables to find more information.

Assistant: The name of other person that may assist the operation.

Issues: Other information related to the person

Objections: Description of all the objections against the person that could drive us to failure.



Sales Opportunity Contacts must be previously created and linked to the customer form. If it is a new contact, it is possible to create on the fly using the following button:






You can add or remove contacts using the following buttons located in the tab "Contacts" at the sales opportunity form: