Sales Force Automation

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Sales Force Automation


Eritrium can be used to track sales opportunities and to manage their life cycle.


As sales people identify opportunities for sale of product and/or service into customer organization, these opportunities can be recorded in the Eritrium database.


Each sales opportunity can include information about:


what is going to be sold

who is the competition

the sales person who is making the sale

the current status of the sales process

the estimated value of the sale

the estimated month of sale

the probability of getting the sale.


Sales opportunity information is then used to produce sales estimates for a given period.


You can track any number of sales opportunities against a single customer. Per each sales opportunity, sales people will perform Sales Activities.

Finally sales people will generate quotations for the customers, and if they accept them, they will be converted into formal Sales Orders.


Sale Force Automation Cycle includes:


Sales Opportunity Management

Sales Actions Management