Run Eritrium for the first time

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Run Eritrium for the first time



Eritrium Server is the module that manages working sessions with users. Eritrium Server must be started first. If you don´t start Eritrium Server you wont be able to use the application. Eritrium Server is only installed in the computer that will act as the server. All users must have internet or lan access to the server in order to open working sessions from their computers.


If you are using Eritrium as in a stand alone work station,  from Windows start up menu, search a programs group called "Eritrium CRM/ERP" and run "Eritrium Server" as shown in the picture:





This option will start Eritrium Server which is a black screen like the following:






Wait until you get the message "INFO: Server startup in xxx ms". This means that all the process when right and everything is ready for the users start working with Eritrium.


DON´T CLOSE THIS WINDOW. This window is the console of Eritrium Server. If you close it during a working session, it will stop serving users and they will lose their sessions. Eritrium Server is basically a Tomcat server installed at port 8080.



Go again to the Eritrium Programs Group in the windows startup menu and click on "Eritrium CRM/ERP Client". A web will be launched. If all the process went right, you will get Eritrium Login Window:





If something went wrong and the server is not running ok, you will get the following screen:






You can also work with Eritrium from your web browser navigating to the url http://localhost:8080/ftrack.


If you want other users to access from their remote computers to eritrium, you must provide them the IP address of the work station where Eritrium is installed so they can enter in their web browser the url like http://192.168.x.x:8080/ftrack


Eritrium can also be accessed from the internet if you are running the work station with a public IP Address.