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Eritrium database contains a manufacturers list that is used to identify the sources of products provided by your organization. Your manufacturers list is only used when setting up your products list and when managing purchase orders.


Manufacturers are Business Partners with the role "Manufacturer" activated:






The Manufacturers window incorporates two additional tabs in the lower part:


Manufactured Products

Purchase Orders



To view all the manufacturers in the system from the main window, navigate to the options tree option "Customers/ Contacts -> Manufacturers"


To configure an existing Business Partner as a manufavturer just open it, activate the "Manufacturer checkbox" in the segmentation tab and save the changes.


To create a new Manufacturer from the main window navigate to "File -> New -> Manufacturer"


From the suppliers form the following actions can be performed:

Add Contact: It will generate a new contact person for the manufacturer.

Manufactured Products: Opens the products management form for the products manufactured by the company (when treated as a manufacturer)

Addresses: Opens the Addresses Management Form for the supplier.

Bank Accounts: Opens the Bank Accounts Management Form for the supplier.

Add Sales Opportunity: This option will generate a new sales opportunity for the organization.

Create Quotation: Eritrium will generate a new quotation for the organization even if there is no open sales opportunity generated.

Add Sales Order: Eritrium will generate a new Sales Order for the organization even if there is no sales opportunity or quotation previously created.

Add Trouble Ticket: Generates a trouble ticket for the organization.

Add Call: Generates a Phone Call for the supplier.

Send Email: Generates a new email to send to the supplier

Add Document: Allows users to add new or existing documents to the supplier