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Eritrium Mailing Manager module provides users a powerful way keep in contact with their customers or to manage complex marketing campaigns. Users can write rich text mails including different styles and adding images, and send them to all the contacts included in the list selected.


Users can schedule the best moment for the system to send all the emails generated. When using Eritrium Marketing Campaign Manager, it is possible to find out information about the response of the customers when receiving the email, like:


How many and whom opened the email.

How many and whom clicked the URL included in the email

What was their navigating behavior after clicking the URL included in the email.


There are two ways that a User can create Mailings from the main menu:


From the main menu: File>New>Mailing

From the main menu: File>Open>Mailing. Eritrium will open the Mailing browse window. Then use the push button {New}


There are two ways to View and Edit existing Mailings:


From the main menu: File>Open>Mailings. Eritrium will open the Mailings form so the user can filter records using the standard procedures or edit any record doing double click on it

From the left tree view option panel: Doing double click on any of the following icons: Mailings(

_img8 ).


To Delete existing Mailing, edit the one you want to remove and use top menu option: File>Delete.


The following figure shows an example of mailing:





In this figure you can see the WYSIWYG editor included in the mailing form that provides users a lot of options for creating nice look and feel mailings.


The information managed by the mailing details form is:


Code: The identification code for the mailing generated by Eritrium.

Summary: Short description for the mailing.

Owner: User who created the mailing.

Mailing List: The mailing list used or to be use to send emails.

From: Default from address for each email sent

Creation: Creation date for the mailing.

Description: Detailed description of the mailing.

State: The state of the mailing. It can be one of the following:





Reply to: Default address for replies.

Sent: Date when the mailing was sent.

Mail: The mail to send.



Mails: The list of mails generated by the mailing. Doing double click on any of them the associated email details form will be displayed.

Results: The log with the results generated each time Eritrium tries to send the emails.


The actions that can be done from this window are:



Mailing List: This option will open the associated mailing list details form.



Import HTML from Web: This option will prompt the user to enter a valid URL and Eritrium will import into the mailing the content of the selected web Page.


Import from File: Eritrium will import the content of a file into the mailing.


Send Auto load page: This option will ask for a valid URL and will generate code for forcing the recipient web browser to load the page when receiving the email.


Generate Emails: Once the mailing list is selected and the email is created, use this option to generate the emails to sent. This option don't send the emails, just generate them and store them to send them later on.


Send Mails: This option will send the pending mails from the mailings.


Preview Mails: This options shows the user how the mails look like when using personalization.


Add Fields: This option allows Eritrium users to insert personalized fields in the mail.


Close Mailing: This option will archive the mailing.