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Lists Management

Lists Management

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List Management is a marketing tool that allows to build and save lists of people. You create a list by specifying a set of criteria. Then, you can process the list, distributing your message to the people on that list via fax, e-mail, Word document (using mail merge), or comma delimited file. You can also just save the list for future use. Using List


Management, you can inform customers or prospects of a marketing campaign, a new sales representative in their territory, a product upgrade for a product they already own, and product demonstrations available through your nearest site.


You create lists by specifying a set of criteria (what geographic area they are in, what products they own, etc.). In addition to creating lists using criteria, you can use the marketing forms to create a new list by combining previously created lists.


Once you have created your list, you can process the list immediately or save it to process later. List Management can be used to contact your customers by letter, e-mail, or fax. You can print address labels for the people on your list.


There are two ways that a User can add Lists from the main menu:


From the main menu: File>New>List

From the main menu: File>Open>List. Eritrium will open the Lists browse window. Then use the push button {New}


There are two ways to View and Edit existing Lists:


From the main menu: File>Open>Lists. Eritrium will open the Lists form so the user can filter records using the standard procedures or edit any record doing double click on it

From the Left tree view option panel: Doing double click on any of the following icons: Lists(



To Delete existing Lists, edit the one you want to remove and use top menu option: File>Delete.


The following figure shows an example of list:



The information managed by this window is:


Code: The code generated by the system for the list.

Summary: The short description for the list.

Owner: The user owner of the list.

Active: If the list can be used or not by other transactions.

Description: Long description of the list.

Contacts: The list of all the contacts included on the list.

The actions that can be executed are:


Select Contacts: This option will open the contacts selection form used to select the contacts that will be included in the list, like shown in the next figure:




Each time this form is executed, the list will be refreshed and generated from scratch.

Later on, lists can be used by mailings, phone call campaigns, sales campaigns and more.