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Also known as supplied products. Eritrium manages the special conditions for each product supplied by each supplier to our company.


The same product can be purchased to different suppliers under different conditions, ie: different prices depending on volume, delivery time, minimal units and so on.


There are two different ways to list the supplied products. One is from the main window, navigate to the options tree menu and select "Purchases -> Catalog". The system will display all the supplied products for all the suppliers all together:





The second way to display supplied products is from the suppliers window. Select the supplier and move to the tab "Supplied Products":





Doing double click on any of them the system opens the supplied products management window:




Supplied products can be created from two different windows:


From the main window navigating to "File -> New -> Supplied Product"

From the suppliers window navigating to "Actions -> New Supplied Products"



Do delete a supplied product, open its window and use the menu option "File -> Delete". Supplied products only can be deleted if they have not being included in any purchase order jet,