Bin Locations

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Bin Locations


Bin Locations are the places where you store your products. One warehouse must have at least one bin storage.


To view all the bin locations for a specific warehouse, open the warehouse window and navigate to the tab "Locations" at the bottom of the window. The system shows all  the bin locations defined for the warehouse:




By doing double click with the mouse on any of them the system will open the bin location window where you can find the configuration of it. Each bin location can be configured in a different way depending on the needs of the company.





The parameters for each bin locations are:


Warehouse, corridor, columns, level, position: The phisical location of the bin, based on these parameters.

Location Code: The final code for labeling the bin location for "human eyes".

EAN: An ean code for the bar code readers identifying this bin location.

Type: The type of storage for the bin. Possible values are:



Customs warehouse

Tax warhouse







Zone: The zone within the warehouse. Zones are defined by the user.

Picking Group

Picking Order


Products Weight

Products Count


Batches Count

Minimun Units

Maximun Units

Distance to entrance


Last Count

Force Count


To create new location bins open the warehouse window and select tab "Generator". Use the option "Regenerate" after entering the values for the new bin location. Use this option only if you have been trained before.


To remove a bin location, open its window and select the button "Delete". The system will delete the bin location only if it is empty.